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Social Networking Sites the New Home For Porn

When I was a child growing up, I recall pornography was predominantly limited to Playboy, Penthouse and a few other magazines that featured nudity that my parents told me were inappropriate and insulting to women. Those who bought and viewed this material were considered dirty old men. Child pornography was something that you seldom heard of, and always happened somewhere else. It was a small segment of society who engaged in this type of behavior, and while a problem, it was not considered a significant one.

Today, this has changed. According to a recent of a recent US government study, the volume of online child pornography has increased by 1500% in the past 10 years. The Internet has become the mainstream tool that predators are using to exploit children in growing numbers. The Internet is an uncensored medium to exchange information, and those who would prey on children are using it to their full advantage.

While the United States and a handful of other countries have taken some precautionary steps to try and stem the growing tide of online child sexual exploitation and predation, countries like Brazil, India, and several Far East nations have become safe havens for predators. These countries offer few protections or safeguards that restrict or in any way prohibit the distribution of child pornography online. Bangkok, Thailand and the country of Myanmar are among two of the top countries in the child sex slave industry, and South America and parts of Europe are quickly catching up to this sickening, but lucrative industry that preys on innocence. India is a growing hub for online child pornography, yet government officials have taken few steps to halt its growth.

At any given time, there are more than 100,000 known child pornographic sites online, and investigators say the number is growing at an alarming pace. An estimated 20,000 new child porn sites are being set up each month around the globe, much faster than agencies who combat this crime with significantly limited resources can take them down. In a global culture of death where abortion on demand is available in most countries, life is no longer valued and abuse of children is a sad, but real byproduct.

Because the Internet is anonymous, and global in scope, those who exploit children by online means can (for the most part) remain themselves anonymous and cover their tracks well. Agencies who attempt to gather information to arrest and prosecute these sick individuals often run into dead ends, as the predators remain unidentifiable and unreachable in a virtual world. Policing the Internet is almost impossible, especially with the limited resources of law enforcement and a lack of cohesive laws to outlaw such behavior.

Social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo!Chat, YouTube and Orkut are being used to help expand the predator’s reach. Orkut, one of the larger social networking sites, has an estimated 60-70 million users. The Brazilian government has reported that almost 90% of all the illicit sexual material coming from their nation is flowing through Orkut. In 2007, 624 cases of Internet crimes were prosecuted in Brazil, and two-thirds of those cases (420) were linked to child pornography on Orkut.

Thousands of pornographic images and video clips make their way onto the Internet daily, and many of these are of children as young as 5-7 years of age. And as you can see, it is not just the private, backroom sites that predators share through their private channels, but to social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut, and YouTube. Plus, new cell phone technology is making it easier to capture images and video and transmit this to other cell phones, as well as the Internet.

The miniaturization of wireless cameras have also led to a rise in the gathering of images and video from unsuspecting children and adults. Cameras can be hidden in stuffed animals, book spines, air conditioning vents, clock radios, and other innocent locations that can beam a video signal to a nearby collection point for recording and later distribution onto private websites, DVDs and social networking sites.

Children are also adding to this growing problem by posting nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves online. Vanessa Hudgens of the Disney High School Musical movie series had inappropriate images she had sent to her boyfriend and co-star Zak Efron nabbed and uploaded to the Internet. One of the Cheetah girls, Adrienne Bailon, has also been linked to the release of nude photographs. This has led to impressionable young girls and boys posting their own images, or sharing them with others, only to have these images make their way to the World Wide Web and into the hands of those who would distribute them or view them for their own sick, twisted ends.

According to the Dauphin County (PA) Child Predator Unit, more than 181 Internet predators have been arrested since they began operations in 2005. In 2008 along, they made more than 70 arrests, more than in any previous year. Attorney General Tom Corbett said, “Predators know that kids become more active online as the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, and they also know that more young people are home unsupervised, either before or after school.” He added, “Time and distance mean nothing to Internet predators because computer technology allows them to reach across the street, or across the country, to ‘groom’ young victims for sexual meetings or to flood their computers with sexually graphic photos and videos.”

Parents should be aware of their children’s online activities, and not allow them to have individual access to the Internet in rooms where their activity cannot be monitored. We suggest you place the computer in a centrally-located area of the home, in plain sight, so that everyone can monitor the family’s Internet usage. Parents should also teach their children to be alert for strangers who pose as online friends or engage in sexually explicit language. If they are sent explicit photos or videos, solicited for sex, or asked to meet face-to-face, they should notify their parents and law enforcement should be contacted immediately.

Sexual predation is not limited to children, and teens (and pre-teens) are increasingly becoming the prey. As children in their pre-teens and teens go through emotional swings, predators have found they are more easily manipulated, especially by those who are lacking in self-esteem or having difficulties fitting in. Through social networking sites, predators will befriend children, teens and even adults in an effort to gain their trust and confidence, all the while grooming them for an anticipated face-to-face encounter or to persuade them to either send pictures or video, and in some cases pose or perform online.

As a society, we need to do more to make sure that social networking sites are truly social places, and not predatory hangouts. Turning a blind eye to the problem doesn’t make it go away. Reporting deviant behavior and online material to law enforcement is an important first step, and taking the high road yourself to make sure that you and your family members are not contributing to this growing epidemic is another.

Social networking sites offer a great opportunity to meet and communicate with people from all over the world; however, it is important to remember that you really don’t know these people, and anything posted online can and will be used against you if it is accessed by the wrong person. It is also important to remember that once something is placed online, it is there foreve. The Internet doesn’t forget, nor does it forgive, wrong choices. And the consequences could have a lasting impact on you, and others.

Best Sex Tips – The Porn Babes’ Guide to Explosive Sexual Pleasure

The other day I watch an interesting video on The website interviewed some of the hottest porn stars on earth. The babes gave some useful tips to men on how to have better sex. In this article, you will find out what they said and how you can apply the tips to spice up your sex life:

#1 Tiffany Price: “Let the women take control sometimes.”

Verdict: Unless your partner is a virgin, chances are she craves to be the one in control some times. Women with sexual experiences know their body, how, and what to do to get them climax. Instead of boring and predictable sexual patterns, let her be on top and do the job. You can lie down on your back, while she is doing her job. When she’s in control, you may find that she looks hotter and more attractive than before!

#2: Tetra Patrick: “Don’t be shy, go for what you want.”

Verdict: Nothing is more attractive to women than confidence and self esteem. Confidence is not being cocky, arrogant or conceited. A confident man believes in himself and knows what he wants. Ever wonder why women are always attracted to what we called the “bad boys”? It’s not because they are challenging or good looking. It’s because these guys are not afraid to be themselves.

#3: Jessica Drake: “After a romantic night out, watch couples of good adult videos together.”

Verdict: you may know that most women (including your partner) do not like porn movies. It’s only partially true. To be precise, women do not like porn movies with quick sex scene. On the contrary, women love porn movies with lots of stories appeal. These days, there are many excellent productions made by female directors. These movies are very popular among women. Go buy and rent these types of movies if you want to add more spice to your sex life.

XXX Adult Videos – A Review of the Nina Hartley Series

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Manage Personal Brand Like A Porn Star

There’s a lot of talk recently about personal branding, and brand management.

Turning your name and your message into a brand and an identity is key to recognition, respect, status and possibly even fame, and dare I say it? The path to fortune.

And the kings & queens of personal branding would be?

Well porn stars, of course!

But before we get all personal, we need to get, well .. personal, actually.

Right now, there’s a new kind of search making its way through the web wilderness. This search is about finding people, but with a difference.

It’s about finding the right person. It’s about the S word.

We’re talkin’ specificity, baby.

So if you were looking for Wayne Smallman, then the chances are, I’d be at the top of that list. Or at least I hope so, anyway.

For me, the most promising people finding player would be Spock, who I looked at recently, and found myself suitably pleased with.

There are other people finders, but functionally and philosophically, Spock looks the part.

Personal Branding & Brand Management by ‘blogging

The goal of personal branding and brand management is to make your name synonymous with a certain phrase.

For a porn star, that’s easy. If you’re Jenna Jameson, or some other sex star .. not that I know all that many (ahem!) then she’s going to be pretty happy if she gets Joe Blogs (like the pun?) finding her website on Google with the phrase: “nekkid female pornstar” or something similar.

For thee & me, the correlation needs to be similar to that, though for topics much more mundane, but maybe not any less colourful.

For me specifically, it might be a little more intangible, since I have an angle. I take an irreverent sideways glance at technology.

I rarely concern myself with the minutia of the technology, because there’s usually a ton of people out there doing that.

Wayne Smallman is all about technology trends and technology news. I look for the story behind the news. I look for the human angle to the technology.

Or, I prognosticate with oft contrived predications about where technology is leading us.

If you’re a ‘blogger and you’re keen to build your own personal brand, then you’re going in the right direction, and Darren Rowse has some ideas on personal branding from a ‘blog:

“My own philosophy on personal branding is that it needs to be approached on two fronts — a big picture and a little picture one. On a big picture front one needs to think about the larger ‘picture’ that you’re wanting to paint of yourself. You might do this by thinking about the words that you want associated with your name for example. So someone like Guy Kawasaki you might associate the word ‘entrepreneur’ or Michael Arrington it might be ‘Web 2.0′”

That’s the bigger picture, which links in nicely with what I was harpin’ on about.

But then it’s the smaller scale where the wheels can come off:

“On a smaller picture / micro level I think bloggers need to consider that every action that they take has the ability to add to or subtract from their personal brand: Every Blog Post, Every Comment, Every Instant Message, Every Email…”

Which could easily read: every indiscretion, every moment of weakness, every angry tirade, every snipe, criticism and moment of pretense.

So this is a question of managing your personal brand, which is about manipulating people’s perceptions of you, nudging their ideas of you towards something akin to your own view and opinion of yourself.

You’re basically looking to create your very own Reality Distortion Field, just like Mr. Steven P. Jobs.

Always remember that the search engines don’t lie, or at least not knowingly. So those indiscretions, moments of weakness and angry tirades will be squirreled away somewhere in the dark, dank, cold recesses of some cache store.

Sometimes, the perception people have of you is so shot through, it’s just too tempting to walk away and leave well alone. Start afresh, maybe?

Even in times such as these, it’s a chance to attack the negativity surrounding your personal brand head-on and turn that sudden infamous notoriety into an opportunity, which Neil Patel over at QuickSpout explains:

“When people start slandering your name your gut reaction is probably to ignore it and hope it dies down. The problem with this approach is that it can lead to people that don’t even know you looking at you in a negative way. Instead of just ignoring the problem you should respond to them in an apologetic fashion and let them know you are listening to them and trying to fix the problem or issue that they have brought up. By doing this you are letting people know that you are listening which might start changing their perception.

If you have had people slandering your name in the past and you ignored it, go back and respond. It is never too late to try and fix your name.”

You cannot control what people think of you, but you can influence the variables a little.

Be hands-on and tweak, so to speak.

Want to build brand? Give them something to remember you by!

The porn stars are usually a generous lot .. again, not speaking from any personal experience. This is all accumulated knowledge gleaned from my more broadly-travelled nephews.

No, honest!

These guys want your money. It’s that simple. And to get your credit card details flung over the electronic ether into their merchant bank accounts, they usually flash their white bits through the odd short video clip, or in a small selection of images.

It’s the old Loss Leader trick. Very much tried & tested.

So the question is: what are your white bits? Where are they? And what is their value? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Two examples in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) biz immediately spring to mind, those being SEO Book and SEO Egghead.

They both give away oodles of knowledge, insights and tricks of their trade on a near daily basis.

Why do they do this? Because they’re building brand and then managing that brand even further by way of driving the visitor towards their books, which reinforce their authority.

I’m pretty sure they get to stand up in front of strangers and talk, stuff like that. That too is an aspect of personal branding and self promotion. It’s actually one of the best ways to promote your brand. People get to see you.